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Our Programmes
- Kids' Edition -

Reading in Indoor Tent

English Reading Programme

This series focuses on enhancing children’s appreciation of the English language and ability to use them appropriately in the long run. We introduce children to letter sounds and phonological awareness, and work on blending sounds to read words, as well as reading for comprehension and picking up inferential skills.

Suitable: Ages 3 to 7


Primary 1 Prep Class

We know how important bridging to Primary 1 can be so we are here to prepare your children mentally and academically for this milestone! This workshop runs on both weekdays and weekends in October to December each year.

Suitable: K2 children attending Primary 1 the following year

Happy Twins

ITOTA (Important Things Other Than Academic)

A specially-curated programme that boosts your child’s learning to the next level by driving their confidence and achievement up and beyond what academic tuition does!

  • Executive Functioning Skills

  • Emotions (Introduction to meditation and yoga sessions)

  • Growth Mindset (Boost their learning competencies)

  • Motivation; being eager in life (On top of academically)

  • Reflections

Suitable: Ages 3 to 12

Raising a Hand

Chinese 101

What beats having an extremely passionate and experienced teacher to guide your child in learning this language? Using tested and proven methods, your child’s able to master HanYu PinYin and increase fluency through discussions and pictorial descriptions.

Suitable: Ages 5 to 8

Baking Cookings

Academic Coaching

This programme is created to help children cultivate intrinsic motivation to learn and engage in activities, nurture positive learning attitudes and behaviours, and to build children's executive functioning skills. In addition, we want to help them learn methods to reduce and management stress, worry and self-doubt!

These sessions are personalised to your child and are kept at 1-to-1 or 1-to-2 ratio.

Suitable: Ages 6 to 12

Building a Robot

Holiday Camps

We have prepared a series of workshops this November & December 2023. Seats are limited so please hop over to check them out and reserve a slot! We promise a morning of fun-filled and great learning experience for your little one!!

Suitable: Ages 4 to 12

What sets Fun Commune apart from other schools is the incredible level of individual attention each child receives here. The teachers Kei and Wanting go above and beyond to understand and cater to every child's unique needs. The warmth and nurturing atmosphere creates a second home for the kid, letting my daughter have a sense of belonging and confidence. She loves her time at Fun Commune, and I would strongly recommend this place:)

Parents of Lucinda C.

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