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Enrichment Classes
- Parents' Edition -

Children attend enrichment classes to better their skills and have an edge over their abilities. We believe that parents can be better parents when they are enriched with research-back knowledge and tips. More importantly, we want these tips catered to each family's values and beliefs as well as each parent's parenting style. Join us for our group workshops to be more well-verse in bringing up your little one! Opt for small group classes, or even our 1-to-1 coaching sessions with our in-house Parent Coach, Ms Ting, to better personalise the methods to you!


Managing Children's Tantrums

We know how tantrums and meltdowns can be - a true challenge for both parents and teachers! This workshop aims to enrich you with the why-s of children's tantrums and the how-s to manage them and yourselves!

How do I motivate my child?

It is true that nurturing motivation, especially intrinsic, can help children engage in play and learn more happily. Yet this is tricky in our fast-paced and excel-oriented society. This workshop aims to empower you with tools to nurture your child to be self-determined!


1-to-1 Parent Coach Sessions

Do you find yourself unable to 'solve' your issues with your child using the tips recommended online, no matter how similar the situation may be? Often it is because these tips are not catered for you and your family's values and beliefs.

Do you find yourself wanting to be a better parent but do not know where or how to start? This is where 1-to-1 coaching sessions are extremely helpful in and our Parent Coach will work alongside you through this parenting journey!

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