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After-School Care Services

We advocate for a safe and nurturing environment where we will love for our own children to be in. To us, after-school care services should provide parents with an ease of mind that their children are in safe hands. With the number of hours spent in the Centre, we aim to maximise children's potential by engaging them in meaningful activities. These would focus on character building as well as developing important executive functions to nurture them into independent and motivated learners.

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Holistic & Nurturing Space

Children's well-being are of our utmost importance. Our small class sizes of 1 Fun Learning Advocator (FLA) to 12 students allow more interactions and stronger relationships between our FLAs and our students. Our FLAs are trained in-house to be well-verse in supporting children's psychological needs and nurturing our students to have a growth mindset during their learning journey.

Homework & Spelling Supervision

To assist and reduce parents' workload, we will ensure that children will complete their school homework during their time in the Centre, and to practise their spelling routinely. In addition, children will be supported academically where parents get to choose 1 subject for tuition (fees are included in the monthly ASCS fees). Should they require more assistance in more subjects, parents can opt in at an additional fee, subject to availability.

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Our In-House Curated 
FUN Programme

Aside from being academically ready, we want to build on children's emotional well-being, resilience, executive functioning skills and to have a growth mindset. A special time will be set aside daily to focus on nurturing the children holistically.

Parents' Date Night

On every last Friday of the month, students get to stay on till 9pm in the Centre! We believe that parents need time on their own, to bond, to have a dinner together, to run some errands without their children. Hence, this is our way of helping out! Children will stay on with dinners provided and enjoy an educational movie together with their friends and the FLAs in the Centre.

Cooking Together
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Safe & Cosy Environment

We care for the safety of our students and provide a cosy space like home for them to be at after school. Nutritious meals and snacks are prepared in-house (NEA/SSF Food Safety Certified). Children will freshen up using a small towel and a change of clothes.

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