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Academic Coaching

This programme is formulated to help children cultivate intrinsic motivation to learn and engage in activities, nurture positive learning attitudes and behaviours, and to build children's executive functioning skills. In addition, we want to help them learn methods to reduce and manage stress, worry and self-doubt!

These sessions are personalised to your child and are kept at 1-to-1 or 1-to-2 ratio.

Children in Yoga Class

Children who struggle trying to learn in school, e.g. low learning motivation

Children who struggle trying to learn in school, i.e. low learning motivation

They may be extrinsically motivated, or motivated to do anything else other than to learn academic concepts. They may also have trouble starting work - they are disorganised, and/or cannot keep up with school work. They may also lack attention. They may have special needs (certified or non-certified autism, development concerns, anxiety, or other executive function challenges). They may suffer from emotional dysregulation, and/or are overwhelmed.

Children who have low self-esteem and self-concept

Self-concept is who we see ourselves as: for example, I am a good writer. On the other hand, self-esteem is how we feel about ourselves: for example, I feel confident and proud to be a good writer.

When a child perceives himself/herself not good at something, be it academically or non-academically, this affects their willingness to face the activity and their attitude while working on it.

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Daydreaming on Bed

Children who are seeking for a breakthrough in their learning curve

There are children who are learning decently in school and at learning centres, but require a push that is beyond what tutors can provide. They may be lacking in focus, or face high levels of stress that deters them from learning. At FUN Commune, we can work with them to attain a breakthrough by helping them pick up certain learning attitudes / behaviours, on top of goal-setting.

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