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English Reading Programme

This series focuses on enhancing children’s appreciation of the English language and ability to use them appropriately in the long run. We introduce children to letter sounds and phonological awareness, and work on blending sounds to read words, as well as reading for comprehension and picking up inferential skills.

“I can see his improvement in reading and writing in English! They provided a weekly update about what is done at FUN which is very helpful for me to know what my son did at FUN."

Jing Xian, Mother of a 7-year-old

“I love the weekly updates and photos/videos that the teachers send to me so that I can know what my girl is learning, and how she is progressing."

Yi Jie, Father of a 4-year-old

“The activities are so engaging and I can see why my daughter is so excited to go for her class every week!"

Mandy, Mother of a 5-year-old

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