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Code with ITOTA

FUN x Tinkermind

Coding is probably one of the most interactive activities that children are learning in schools now. Together with Tinkermind, which is a Maker and STEAM-based educator, we have co-created this programme to boost children's learning experience by highlighting their skills at work and referencing to other parts of their life. Imagine strengthening time management skills through coding and applying it to exams!

Suitable for children ages 4 to 12 years old.

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In-House Curated FUN ITOTA x Tinkermind

Coding is a big pie that involves many aspects. Tinkermind focuses on the design thinking process to help children develop creative problem-solving skills. Tools like computers, microbits and the Maqueen robot are used in the classroom to introduce coding!

Imagine our ITOTA programme together with coding, there you have a specially curated workshop that engages children to pick up 21st Century Competencies skills, as well as introducing them to functional coding.

Reflection Skills

Each lesson will end with a short reflection time on the day's work - reflection is a conscientious skill that is important for children to pick up. It allows children to become mindful towards the little wins and losses, a skill to be applied in other areas of our lives too.


Through reflection time, children will also be empowered with methods to face the losses and come out stronger the next time!

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