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Our Pedagogy

At FUN Commune, we believe in having open and respectful communication among the three parties - Parents, Children and our teachers, who known as FLAs.

Through open communication, our FLAs can better understand how to support children in their development, and parents on guiding their children at home.

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The CAPOR Framework

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To develop children holistically, we seek to support children's academic needs. In addition, we go beyond tuition and support their well-being. 

Through our in-house curated ITOTA programme, we work on understanding children's developmental and psychological needs, cultivating their intrinsic motivation to learn and for life, building strong executive functioning skills and applying a growth mindset.

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Together with our in-house Parent Coach, we can better assist parents on their parenting journey - You are never alone! By equipping parents with parenting knowledge and tips that are best suited for their children, it is no longer just a dream for parents to build happy relationships with their children!

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When our FLAs are happy, motivated and equipped with knowledge on guiding children, children will have a nurturing environment to learn and be in. We provide up-to-date, research-backed knowledge to our FLAs through regular trainings so that they can be empowered to guide our students confidently. In addition, we offer strong team support for our FLAs as they navigate through their teaching journey with us!

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