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Chinese 101 (Hanyu Pinyin)

As our society emphasises on being bilingual and when families may be more steered towards speaking English at home instead of Mandarin, it can be challenging to pick up Mandarin and being strong at it. Thus, what beats having an extremely passionate and experienced teacher to guide your child in learning this language? Using tested and proven methods, we seek to help your child master HanYu PinYin and increase their Mandarin-speaking fluency through discussions and pictorial descriptions.

Suitable for children ages 5 to 6.5 years old.

Please call us to enquire our next trial date :D

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Holistic & Nurturing Space

Each class is kept small at 1 Fun Learning Advocator (FLA) to 6 students to allow more interactions and build stronger relationships between our FLAs and our students. In addition, the small class sizes allow the FLA to cater to each child's learning needs so as to maximise their learning potential.

Our In-House Curated FUN Chinese Programme

Our Hanyu Pinyin programme introduces children to the Chinese Phonetic Alphabet. In addition to knowing all the sounds, children are also taught on blending the letter sounds together, while emphasising on pronouncing Chinese words. 

Our FUN way is formulated to use storytelling and hands-on activities to let children associate and remember the sounds vividly. We promise a fun-filled lesson for children to be excited towards this language!

Raising a Hand
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