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Upcoming FUN-Time: Growth Mindset Spring Camp

The week off during the March holidays may be too short for a trip out of Singapore and you may not know what to sign-up your child for. You only know that you want it to be a growth journey and most importantly, for your little one to enjoy and have FUN!

We have hence mindfully crafted a 3-day Spring Camp for children to have lots of FUN and pick up little skill-sets too. We have partnered up with one of the Brazilian Jiujitsu (BJJ) pioneers in Singapore - Sul of Sul Academy to introduce the art of BJJ and pick up some self-defence moves. In addition, we also have Justin & Jill of Gallery J for children to do up a Canvas Painting over two sessions. Over from FUN Commune, we will be incorporating our ITOTA programme into the Camp so that children can develop their executive functioning skills and some life skills (such as going to the market for ingredients purchase, cooking and baking) too!

Give us a call and hey, we have an early-bird deal to extend, valid till 29 February 2024!

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