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Life Skills: Chocolate Chip Cookies Edition

How can we empower children with life skills? Over at FUN Commune's After School Care Services (ASCS), we focus a lot on building children's executive functioning skills so that they can grow to become independent, functional people. Some of these skills include the ability to time manage, organise our thoughts and actions, and even adapting to changing situations. Other than these, there are also skills that we come to know as life skills. Yes, life skills are nurtured in the process - knowing how to get our chores done, working on our responsibilities. You may then be curious on how we do so?

We have children participate in taking responsibility of what they own - they clean after themselves (such as washing their dishes after meals, wiping down the spaces that they have used. In addition, there is a segment in our ASCS Programme called FUN Time where we really work on all the soft skills!

Our kids asked for chocolate chip cookies for snack - we had them participate in making it together. With our Mighty Thermomix, the kids took turns to read the steps, find ingredients that are needed and add in the correct amounts. Through this process, they appreciated the length of time needed to bake really good cookies and really enjoyed the cookies during snack time! Here are some shots of the kids working on this little project together :D

Not to forget, here's our end-product. The kids absolutely loved them! Do give this recipe a try if you're interested to make some with your little ones too :D

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