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Growth Mindset Spring Camp I: Cooking Our Lunch

One essential life skill to possess is independence - the ability to care for ourselves without help. We wanted to introduce an important aspect of life to our students, which is to cook for ourselves. If I were to go straight to the conclusion of this segment, the kids were exceptionally appreciative of their lunch and ate super well!!

We needed to purchase ingredients for three cooking/baking sessions in this Camp and hence divided the group into 2: The Lunch Ingredients Team and The Fruits Team. Here is our menu where the kids were involved in the making process:

Lunch for the Day: Shredded Chicken Macaroni Soup

Snack for Day 2: Watermelon & Orange Popsicles

Baking Session on Day 3: Chew Chew Banana (Baked Banana in Paratha Sheets)

Prior to heading out, we had an in-depth briefing so that the children knew what they were going to be tasked to purchase, as well as the rules of Road Safety as we will be crossing some roads to the market.

Here are some snippets of our trip out to the market! The children were careful when it came to the roads and held tightly onto their partner's hands. They were very pro-active in speaking to the stall-holders, who were equally friendly and hopefully towards the kids too!

After returning from the market, we had a quick run through on the to-do with the children, and proceeded to making lunch together! One of the children asked, "It is only 10:30am, why are we making lunch already??". This was a great opportunity for us to share with them that it takes a much longer time to prepare for our meals than we take to eat, hahaha! The kids then helped in all the steps, from getting water to boil the chicken, chopping up vegetables, shredding chicken, boiling macaroni etc.

I loved how some of them went to our instruction manual to check on what has been done, as well as to know the next steps!

Ta-dah!! I promise that the meal tasted much better than how it looked here! The kids were truly much more appreciative of their lunch than they usually do, and I'm sure they will be now whenever they eat :D

Looking forward to sharing more on our Camp happenings!

Till then,


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